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Compounded Medication


Let's Talk Compounded Medication

Compounding is a practice that dates back hundreds of years. It allows pharmacists to compound medications per a doctor’s order to fit the needs of the patient precisely. Compounded medications are also subject to the same strict standards as commercially available medications.


We work with prescribers to creatively solve challenging medical problems with specialized drug products. We are able to customize medication down to a specific dosage, dosage form, ingredient list, and schedule. 

Customization with Compounding

The effectiveness of any drug or medication directly relates to its preparation. When something isn't working for you, compounding is a truly customized way to get the medicine you need for optimum administration.

Poor tasting medication? We're able to add a variety of flavorings.

Need a different strength? We can create medication
in various strengths.

Prefer liquid medication over pills? We can create dosages in all forms.

Critical medication on backorder? We can provide immediate access.

Allergic to inactive ingredients in pre-made medication? We can reformulate in no time.

Describe one of your services

Common Compounded Prescriptions

If your patient needs a compounded prescription that is not listed on the PDF below, please don't hesitate to contact our pharmacy. We are more than willing to collaborate with you in order to fulfill the needs of your patients.

Our pharmacists are available to consult with you and remain a steadfast resource for you and your patients. 

Ready to Prescribe?

How to Prescribe:


E-prescribe through your specific EMR. Search by our phone number or zip code.


Fax your prescription to (405) 696-4778.


Call (405) 696-4777 to consult with a pharmacist.

Oklahoma Providers

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