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How our formulations and ingredients distinguish us from other compounding pharmacies

Patented technology for the next-generation base for testosterone delivery. Atrevis uses a novel delivery system to drive testosterone through the skin, which includes its hydrogel polymer network along with three unique, naturally derived skin permeation enhancers. This proprietary delivery system was developed specifically to drive testosterone through the skin.

An elegant compounding emulsion created for patients with problem skin. Clarifying Base can easily accommodate a variety of APIs, such as antimicrobials, benzoyl peroxide, tretinoin, alpha hydroxy acids, beta hydroxy acids, and many more. This PCCA exclusive base is ideal in formulations for patients with:

• Teenage/Adult acne

• Rosacea

• Oily skin

• Aging skin prone to acne

LoxOral is much more than a filler – it’s an innovative capsule excipient base that delivers powerful benefits for your patients. It provides well-defined, uniform particle size creates improved distribution of the API within the base.  It can also enhance the release of many types of APIs – including poorly soluble drugs – potentially leading to improved absorption.

MucoLox is a revolutionary mucosal delivery system that provides long-lasting coverage and improves contact time. This innovative base can be used with active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) in a variety of potential formulations, including oral, rectal, vaginal and esophageal/ gut preparations as well as wound care. It has a one-of-a-kind polymer network provides improved moisturization, mucoadherence and superior film forming action, but won’t easily wash away, bonding to the mucosa to create a powerful but lightweight coating effect. When used with APIs, MucoLox’s advanced adhesive properties improve contact time of the API to the mucosa.

PermE8 Anhydrous Gel is a new base from PCCA that uses next generation technology to provide a better option than previous anhydrous bases designed to deliver drugs through the skin. PermE8 isn’t tacky or oily, and spreads on the skin more easily than other anhydrous, permeation enhancing vehicles, such as Anhydrous Lipoderm. It is a stable base that can accommodate multiple active ingredients in one preparation, including those in salt forms and those not stable in aqueous environments

PracaSil-Plus is the first compounding base created for patients who want to improve the appearance of scars. Due to the base’s proprietary blend of ingredients, including silicones (in a semipermeable polymer network) and pracaxi oil (which is rich in skin-friendly fatty acids and lipids), it’s been helping make a huge difference for patients with scars, including keloid and acne scars.

Soothing and gentle, even for the most sensitive areas. VersaBase Cream is an elegant, yet durable, topical cream. It simulates the natural moisturizing barrier of the skin through its emulsion system and rubs in quickly, leaving a soft and silky feel

Natural ingredients, and a better patient experience. Increasing numbers of compounders, practitioners and patients desire troches that taste great, have a pleasant texture, and are made with natural ingredients. This is why PCCA created NataTroche. Not only does this base fulfill these needs, it is excellent at masking bitter ingredients such as progesterone, which makes it more convenient for the compounder and may help improve patient compliance.

SuspendIt’s superior anti-sedimentation technology can deliver everything you need to compound oral suspensions – it’s the all-in-one oral suspension base. Using a natural suspending agent, SuspendIt’s patented synergistic polymer complex provides for a unique thixotropic flow – it thins as it’s shaken and thickens upon standing. This allows for rapid redispersion of APIs with agitation and minimizes sedimentation. The only compounding suspension base made with an all-natural sweetner derived from monk fruit, SuspendIt is an ideal choice for patients requiring formulations without sugar, casein, gluten or any condition that requires an oral suspension formula.

SuspendIt Anhydrous has all of the above properties of the original SuspendIt PLUS this anhydrous base now allows for up to 180 BUD dating on oral suspensions. This will allow for patients to fill more than 30 days of a compounded liquid at a time.

For a smooth, pleasing topical with a longer beyond-use date. WO6 Anhydrous is an elegant, stable base that is suitable for a broad range of dermatological or cosmetic applications, and that addresses the emerging needs of the modern compounding industry. it allows it to accommodate ingredients that are unstable in aqueous environments, such as hydroquinone and ascorbic acid. It is also not tacky or oily, leaving a light, silky feel on the skin that patients will appreciate

Ellage Anhydrous Vaginal is the first anhydrous base in pharmacy compounding developed specifically for vaginal applications. It is designed to be gentle on vaginal tissue, release drugs and maintain contact with the mucosa, all while providing a uniquely pleasant experience for patients with various health challenges who need compounded vaginal medication

Lipoderm is the first proprietary permeation-enhancing vehicle in the compounding industry. Lipoderm is scientifically proven to deliver active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) through the skin, and is supported by an ever-growing portfolio of peer-reviewed journal publications and FormulaPlus™ BUD-studied formulas. It is the ideal base in deep-penetrating topical formulations for local and systemic absorption of APIs. In fact, the patented Lipoderm core technology has also led to the development of an entire line of penetration-enhancing bases. 

Additional proprietary bases we have available to us: 

  • Biopeptide Biocosmetic

  • Chrysaderm®

  • Cosmetic HRT®

  • Emollient Cream

  • Occlusaderm®

  • Plasticized

  • Spira-Wash® Gel

  • Vanishing Cream Light

  • VersaBase® Foam, Gel, Lotion, Shampoo

  • XemaTop

*Specific information listed in linked chart

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